How to spot a liar

In this TED talk by Pamela Meyer, certified fraud examiner, tips are revealed on how to detect if a person is lying through what they say, how they say it and how they act – a useful skill in this age of fake news and ‘alternative facts’!

The topic of truth and deception touches all our lives and everyone has something to say on the subject.

En ésta charla TED de Pamela Meyer, examinadora de fraude titulada, se revelan trucos para detectar si una persona miente a través de lo que dicen, como lo dicen y como actuan – una habilidad útil en ésta época de noticias falsas y ‘hechos alternativos’!

El tema de la verdad y el engaño toca de cerca a todo el mundo y todos tenemos algo que decir al respecto.

As usual, there is a powerpoint to introduce the topic, a worksheet for students, notes for the teacher, the full transcript and of course the video.

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